Meet the Broker

Private lending for

SAN MATEO & Santa Barbara COUNTY properties

Do you feel like you just can't satisfy banks with enough paperwork? My loans are Stated Income and Verified Assets. No Credit Scores. I need just enough to paint the picture.  Take a look.

What are your real estate borrowing needs?  Your situation or property may not be on this list but that won't count you out! 

Are you tired of waiting for a "loan committee" to get a decision? I'm  the Broker and the Underwriter so when you talk with me, you're talking directly to the decision maker for your loan.



Have you been to the bank and they don’t believe in what you’re doing?  I’ve been there too.  Can I make your loan? If you have a property in San Mateo or Santa Barbara County with equity and you have a plan… chances are, that is a loan I can fund.  ​(I'm sorry I can't do owner occupied 1-4 unit residential).